YES. Quite a few of global Discovery Schools provide (happy) meals carefully crafted by world renowned nutritionists to provide much needed nutrition for their age.

We will inform parents 2 months before the school starts.
It will be provided by the current preferred vendor or if there are any issues, global Discovery Schools will directly provide the service

global Discovery Schools believes there is a strong difference between having facilities and performing activities. global Discovery Schools is an activity school and does NOT believe that lifeless facility by itself has any purpose.

Please join global Discovery Schools for its true differentiation where 850 plus carefully chosen pedagogy elements are routed via 3 gates (Voice of Parents, Voice of Brand, Voice of Research) and carefully woven towards life goals, and are kept emergent by design. global Discovery Schools has been created by highly successful mid/upper management Fortune 500 employees in diverse functions, and with personality as magnets and with diverse exciting interests. They have created global Discovery Schools to promote what helped in their journeys and demote what was clearly a waste. They also understood how to plan for an evolving world of tomorrow and equip children of today with what will be meaningful for their time. For this, they took inspiration from their past experiences.


global Discovery Schools architects have followed western safety standards in its design. Project Architects have paid unique attention to localized risks. global Discovery Schools’ partner Suzlon Infrastructures (Synefra), a company of the renowned Tanti Group have followed highest ISO standards in construction.

Further, one of the global Discovery Schools trustee is actually a renowned medical doctor who NOT only gives high importance to treating an injury, but proactively exceeds the statutory standards of student health examination.

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