It is education ideologies well proven by research. global Discovery Schools takes the best from Gurukul concepts, Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio-Emilia, Kumon and multiple intelligence theories. Please talk to global Discovery Schools pedagogy specialist for a brief on each of these concepts.

global Discovery Schools is grounded in 3 gates (Voice of Parents, Voice of Brand, Voice of Research) and then 20 dimensions (founding principles) + 850 pedagogy (academic) actions that are detailed by 1500+ knowledge sources towards an executable instruction for teachers (Atomic Actionable aHa packet). The instructions exactly specify what is to be done. They take care of resource definitions, venue, attention grabber, homework, career motives, learning styles, validation/testing, etc).
Atomic - they cannot be broken down further
Actionable - ready to execute and not just an advice
aHa task - creates a beautiful light bulb effect in the brain that results in joy & appreciation for learning. Formal definition of aHa effect is as follows:

Ecosystem of people – term used to refer the Parents, Community, Mentors & Partnering Schools around global Discovery Schools who influence global Discovery Schools’ future direction and the emergence of its pedagogy.

Partnering schools - global Discovery Schools is executing on the well tested model of global Discovery Schools test bed, Bachpan Foundation of Gujarat and helped them forge global partnership relations with UK, France, Japan, South Africa & Malaysia. The two way student/teacher exchange visits with UK entered 7+ years now, and helped Bachpan bag the British Council best school award and best principal award for mid-town schools in western India.

Mentors - formally associated with global Discovery Schools as mentors who continuously bless the venture with their advice. They are mid/upper management leaders from Fortune 500 from diverse backgrounds and roles. They lay the foundation of experiences and exposures that are meaningful in the long run and are relevant for dealing with the emerging world.
global Discovery Schools mentors are alumni’s from prestigious institutes like Kellogg, IIM, management/business strategy consultants, Fortune 500 mid-management leaders, technologists, education experts, global leaders from diverse functional and industry backgrounds. Full list can be discussed if needed and is available.

Process Platform
global Discovery Schools’ curriculum is a function of the following key voices:
Voice of CBSE – What is CBSE mandating and recommending as learning objectives?
Voice of Customer (VOC) – What does the customer want?
Voice of Research (VOR) – What are the academia and leading educators promoting as best practices in education?
Voice of Brand (VOB) – How do we deliver against these needs while preparing the child for the future they will face on graduation?
The curriculum attempts to balance these voices and provide a learning experience that varies per grade level. The global Discovery Schools process platform has the capability of creating an optimized experience (annual schedule) that weighs the different voices as input by global Discovery Schools. The weights are reviewed annually and adjusted per feedback from students, parents and teachers.

A word about the Process Platform from a business leader:
“Over my long career, I have been leading and witnessing cutting edge process innovation for Fortune 500 across various industries. Process innovation capability comes by experience and by taking up best practices, and to that regard, global Discovery Schools team has hand-picked world’s very best process gurus who have done this job again & again in other industries, and who are now turning on to K12 schooling. Time is ripe for Education sector to catch-up on Operations Process Platforms, and global Discovery Schools has made this their charter. global Discovery Schools’ Process Technology Platform will shake up this sector and will redefine how schools are planned, created and operated on strategic and daily basis.

In detail, what makes global Discovery Schools solution a winner is, it is a full footprint yet shockingly agile in quickly adopting to parent, students, and educators feedbacks. It provides measuring and self learning capability for processes as far reaching as life goals, aptitude based assignment selection, automated exams and grading, adaptive curriculum, 360 degree incentives/compensations/rewards, policy development & enforcement, teaching ideologies, activity selection, talent recognition and development, mapping the student’s role models, involving, engaging and influencing the influencer’s, inviting and grading guest speakers, schedule generation and measurement, well balancing the exposure and the list goes on ...
End effect is, students, parents, teachers and participants get a systematic, pre-planned, well published roadmap and specific enough schedules on their calendar. This aligns the system and removes last minute chaos, and makes life very simple, killing hundreds of mundane chores from the grassroots, freeing up a whole lot of time for human to human interaction - between teachers and students. This is why it will shake up the education sector.”
~~ Rajiv Khattar, Ex.-Sr. Director, Oracle Corporation

Kindergarten SLC, Junior SLC and Senior SLC (SLC: Small Learning Community)
Research has proven that students open up when put in smaller communities and go introvert in an extremely large school. The SLC concept helps create small villages inside a giant school and helps improve the education process. The concepts were originally created by FNI Florida (global Discovery Schools Advisors). Then the concept spread and got picked up by many modern schools.

Sal Soraci, an associate professor of Psychology at Tufts and several of his colleagues studied the electrical activity in the brain during so-called "eureka moments" in an attempt to understand what occurs when a person suddenly grasps a particular concept. Their discovery is known as the "aHa" effect. The theory is based on the idea that more the brain attempts to figure out a concept, the better it remembers it.
We can credibly demonstrate (first hand demos in person or sharing research) that
aHa moments => Higher Retention => Greater chance of recall at exam time => Success in exams (short-term) => Success in life (long-term)
aHa moments are created using different teaching techniques (text, pictures, media, experiential learning etc.) that are attractive to different learning styles. This was the main crux of the Bernoulli video. Once the concept is seeded memorization is easier (or unnecessary).
Assessment of learning is immediate via quizzes conducted by teachers either online or on paper.
Periodic assessment provides the teacher a faster opportunity to determine who is falling behind and focus on the child’s improvement.
Technology makes it easier to teach so there’s no undue burden on the teacher.
The above lines of reasoning support aHa for academic activities.
In terms of holistic learning, aHa effects are easy to create for topics like health (obesity, handling stress and depression, smoking etc.), moral skills etc. where ‘aHa’ might come from the need for understanding these topics as opposed to the lesson itself.

  • Engaging the learner
  • Makes education more interesting
  • Motivates a learner to participate to a greater degree than he would in a lecture or discussion in class
  • Increases the ability of the learner to recall factual knowledge and improve problem-solving skills
  • Enables the learner to experience greater attitudinal change than those engaged in more traditional learning environments
  • Effect on the community

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